Recent Developments in Preventive Archaeology in Europe: Proceedings of the 22nd EAA Meeting in Vilnius, 2016


Predrag Novaković; Milan Horňák; Maria Pia Guermandi; Harald Stäuble; Pascal Depaepe; Jean-Paul Demoule

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The texts collected in the monograph are refined versions of the papers presented at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Vilnius, 31st of August – 4th of September, 2016, in three sessions focused on various aspects of preventive archaeology: (TH2-07) 25 years later: Changes and conjunctures in preventive (development-led) archaeology in former ‘Eastern’ Europe; (TH2-10) After 1990: a turning point in the guiding principles of rescue excavations and its impact on scientific research; (TH2-19) Preventive Archaeology, Scientific Research and Economic Development. The very fact that the EAA’s Scientific Committee accepted three sessions focused on preventive archaeology and that 44 papers and 3 posters were presented by authors from 22 countries, clearly speaks for the paramount importance of the preventive archaeology not only in heritage protection sector, but for the archaeological discipline in general. 


  • Contents
  • Preface
    Predrag Novaković
  • Preventive Archaeology: Scientific Research or Commercial Activity?
    Jean-Paul Demoule
  • From Rescue to Preventive Archaeology: A Highly Challenging 25 Years in the Former Socialist Countries of Eastern Europe
    Predrag Novaković, Milan Horňák
  • Preventive Archaeology, Scientific Research and Public Outreach: Some Non-politically Correct Thoughts
    Pascal Depaepe
  • Enabling Archaeological Research within a Cultural Heritage Management Context: A View from the United States
    Michael Heilen, Richard Ciolek-Torello, Donn Grenda
  • 25 Years of Development-led Archaeology in England: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
    Steve Trow
  • Identifying research aims at the earliest stage of large development plans, archaeological curation in England
    Tim Allen
  • Trends in Scandinavian Cultural Heritage Management in the 2000s
    Håkon Glørstad
  • Problems and Solutions Within Large Scale Preventive/Rescue Excavations Before and After 1990: The Case of Saxony
    Harald Stäuble
  • Preventive Archaeology Should not be Reified! The Case of the Swiss Motorway Archaeology
    Paul Jobin
  • Management of Large Archaeological Projects in a Competitive Environment: The French Case
    Pascal Depaepe, Isabelle Kerouanton, Gilles Prilaux, Marc Talon
  • Comission for Archaeological Research and its Role in the Slovene System of Heritage protection
    Danijela Brišnik, Mihela Kajzer Cafnik, Predrag Novaković
  • Working in Preventive Archaeology in Slovenia: A View from the Trenches
    Matjaž Novšak
  • Archaeological Heritage in Lithuania after the 1990s: Defining, Protecting, Interpreting
    Justina Poškienė
  • Preventive Archaeology in Austria
    Eva Steigberger
  • Short Overview of the Preventive Archaeology in Slovakia After 2000
    Milan Horňák, Tomáš Michalík
  • Modern Technologies in Polish Archaeology: A Case Study of Central Masovia 2009 – 2014
    Mariusz Wiśniewski, Agnieszka Olech-Śliż
  • The System of Organisation of Czech Archaeology and the Protection of Archaeological Heritage
    Jan Mařík
  • Towards a new Horizon: development-led large scale excavation policy in Hungary post-1990’s
    Szabolcs Czifra, Szilvia Fábián
  • Legal and Institutional Framework of Preventive Archaeology in the Past Twenty Years and Today’s Reality in Hungary – a Brief Overview of the Tendencies
    Katalin Bozóki-Ernyey
  • The La Valletta Convention and Preventive Archaeology: The Croatian Perspective
    Filomena Sirovica
  • Preventive Archaeology in Romania Between Negotiation and Myth: some thoughts
    Andrei Măgureanu, Despina Măgureanu
  • Motorways and Archaeology: What does it mean to be a contractual archaeologist in Romania?
    Mihaela Simion
  • Development-led Archaeology in Serbia: the case of Corridor X
    Tonko Rajkovača
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Preventive Archaeology is Still Recovering
    Jesenko Hadžihasanović, Adnan Kaljanac
  • Birth and Crib Death of Preventive Archaeology in Italy
    Maria Pia Guermandi
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